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Looking at a prebuilt machine W/Intel i7 3.40GHz 2600K processor along with two 1GB NVIDIA GTX 560 Video Cards in SLI 8gig DDR3 1600MHz. looking for some feed back if This will run BF3 and newer games on high or ultra?
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  1. At what resolution?
  2. Take a look at the benchmarks here:


    The GTX 560 and 570 should give similar performance. If you game at 1080P I don't see high out of the question especially in SLI.

    Just remember - this game is somewhat buggy (and somewhat badly coded) - and has one of the most advanced gaming engines to date.
  3. Not Sure
  4. Sounds good thanks for your help
  5. Also keep in mind - playing online multiplayer will give a different experience than playing the single player campaign.

    When you play online multiplayer - depending on how many players there are this will cause slow downs in your system with people joining games and leaving, especially if there are more than say 15-20 platyers.
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