New GTX 560 maxes out CPU usage

I have a rather odd problem. I am upgrading my old GTX 260 to a GTX 560.

Uninstalled the old drivers.
Swapped the new card in.
Installed the new drivers. They ended up being the same NVIDIA driver package (285.62)

As soon as I boot up with the new card, my CPU idles at over 60%. Simple tasks such as opening windows quickly maxes out the cpu usage.

Since the cards use the same drivers, I swapped my old card back in and the problem instantly went away.
I then did a Windows 7 reinstall to be sure there weren't any driver problems.
Rinse, repeat, same thing happened.

I then thought it might be a problem with the card so I requested an RMA and sent it back for a new one....Well the new one is doing the exact same thing so it can't be the card. Any ideas?

Here are my comp specs:

Motherboard: Foxconn Renaissance
Processor: Intel i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
Memory: 6 gigs DDR3 OCZ
PSU: Corsair TX 750w
Storage: Seagate 500GB
New GPU: Zotac GTX 560
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  1. how old is the motherboard?
  2. chexk programs running on the background, i had a similar problem, some programs were using cpu
  3. I have been having a similar issue, where my CPU usage goes through the room to 100% with a 6 core, and my whole PC would lagg for a second and then everything would settle down, i opended up task manager and fixed the problem. Now what could be happening is Windows is running in the background running a Driver updater thing. while your doing your Driver stuff. as for it not doing it with the other card, that is a bit strange
  4. megagabobe1 said:
    chexk programs running on the background, i had a similar problem, some programs were using cpu

    Background programs don't seem to be the issue. With exactly the same boot settings and programs, my computer crawls with the new card installed. As soon as I shut down, swap the old card back in, and boot up again; the problem goes away.
  5. sadfacebunny said:
    how old is the motherboard?

    The board is 3 years old. I made sure to use the same x16 PCIE slot when swapping in the new card and checked the bios to be sure that I was using the priority slot.
  6. Overclock your cpu to give the 560 more punch, it will help with increasing the performance of the card.....running at 2.67ghz isnt enough.
    Check your power options and make sure it is set to high performance mode, if its set to power save it will throttle down your cpu speed.
  7. Turns out there's an issue with this specific motherboard's bios and the way it maps out memory. Way beyond my understanding, but useful nevertheless. Evidently Foxconn never saw a reason to fix this...
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