Will this psu and graphics card be compatible with my current mobo?

i have a pegatron 2a99 motherboard and i dont know a big deal about computers, tho i am looking to upgrade my current graphics card which is a nvidia Geforce 6150se Nforce 430. i am looking to upgrade it to a gtx 560 ti 448 and i am also going to upgrade my current psu to a corsair tx650 v2 would my motherboard support both things and would the corsair tx650 v2 support the gtx 560 ti 448 ???
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  1. yes the corsair will more than power the 560ti and yes they will fit your motherbd but the real question is will they fit in your case and to answer that we need to know which HP you have.

    Btw, you can drop down to the 450w range and not worry about powering your gpu, if you wanted to save a few bucks. Running a bigger PSU wont hurt anything and it will still only 'make' the power the pc needs. ie - a 450 wont waste more power than a 650 on the exact same pc.
  2. A good 500-550W PSU is actually sufficient and I agree with everything Pop is saying.
  3. popatim said:
    a 450 wont waste more power than a 650 on the exact same pc.

    Different PSUs will have different efficiency for any given load so you cannot really make that blanket statement without being more specific.

    A 450W with no 80+ certification whatsoever will likely waste a lot more power than any 80+ Bronze-certified (or better) one due to the certified PSU usually being 10-20% more efficient. Between two PSUs with the same level of certification though, efficiency should be very similar.
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