Strange Graphic Problem May be an Artifact

When I play a game in 1080p I get these weird horizontal lines when i look up and down mostly on terrain and foliage but its not picked up on video or photos Also if I play in anything below such as my native resolution 1336x768 its not there. Its as if there is a net or something just behind the photo its hard to explain.
I play on a 32" tv not a monitor and my GPU temperatures never go past 50 so its not a temperature problem also its doesn't happen in every it happens in a lot of them though. Any game with a cell shading to it like orcs must die borderlands. Also Batman Arkham city is not affect but games like Skyrim, Mass Effect Call of Duty and Crysis are badly affected. I will Photoshop some images to show you what its like.

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  1. If you would like people to help you out please list the following:

    Your Motherboard name and model and BIOS version
    Your RAM name and model and amount
    Graphics card + what drivers are you using for your GPU
    And power supply.

    Question, does this artifacting occur everywhere, or just in games?
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