GTS 250 Bsod since i bought it

Hello i bought the Gainward GTS 250 (1 GB) Deep Green edition year and a half ago. Ever since i bought it every time i went in to games i get freezing followed by crashing and then BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. And then i started a long campaing to figure out whats wrong and here is the list of all the things i tried and did:

1.Formated all disks re installed OS 7 times( First installed Windows XP x32-bit,Then Windows XP x64-bit, Windows 7 x32-bit and Windows 7 x64-bit) and nothing was fixed i still had frequent crashes and BSOD's.

2. Try-ed newer drivers,older drivers,beta drivers ( Used driver sweeper to remove all drivers before installing new ones again) and it changed nothing.

3. Updated BIOS applied all patches,fixes nothing worked.

4. I suspected it could be my monitor and i borrowed 2 different ones from my friends and try-ed with them and it was still crashing and producing BSOD.

5. I read somewhere that a broken mouse/keyboard could make the GPU work bad i thought that this was unlikely cuz i bought a new Logitech G9 laser mouse and a Logitech G15 keyboard but i still borrowed different speakers/mouses/keyboards and nothing worked it still crashed.

6.Sent my PC to the place where i bought the GPU and it was at there service for over 4 weeks in total and they kept saying: "OH SORRY SIR WE RUN 3D MARK AND FUR MARK FOR 4 DAYS NOTHING HAPPENED SIR WE TRY-ED TO RECREATE THE CRASH BUT NOTHING HAPPENED SIR, WE THINK ITS EITHER YOU CPU,RAM OR MOTHERBOARD THAT IS MESSING WITH THE GPU THUS CRASHING THE GPU"... So basicly what this meant was sir you need to buy new components and this is what i did hoping it would fix the problem. So i bought an new shiny CPU i5 2500K, a new motherboard Asus P8P67-M, 8 gb of RAM. I did not buy a new Power Supply cuz i tested this once in multiple services and it was 100% cuz i spent 400$ on it. Also the Hard Drives were in perfect condition

Now that i bought all new components and spent well over 500$ i thought the crashing will finally stop but this changed nothing and it still crashed allot. I took it to the service again and they kept it there for another 2 weeks and after testing all the component again they told me im lying and that there is nothing wrong. After i show'ed them pictures of the BSOD's and the Frozen screens with purple,green,white lines horizontaly streching across the screen they still claimed i was lying. Then i told them to go into a game and see for them selves which they refused and said we have no time for games.. After almost ending up in jail for murder i realised they would not give me my money back. Then i went on the internet and saw many people have problem with the GTS 250 crashing and freezing. I found thousands of possible solutions suggested by Nvidia themselves and people and NOT A SINGLE THING WORKED. I run games on low settings and it crashes. The GPU runs at 38 degrees idle and 70-88 while in games.

Please i wasted year and a half of my life and bought new components for no reason so please does anybody know what this could be or could it be possible that thousand of us world wide bought a GPU that was made broken?
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  1. From what you tried already, it's the card. Have them test the card while you are there. Does the card crash if you run 3DMark? If you sent the whole PC to them, it never crashed, they can't say it's your other components causing the issue since they had them there.

    It may be the power supply, but with the crashing soon as a 3D game starts and the colors on the screen, points to the card more than anything. First thing to do was to replace the card, all the other stuff is a distant second that may cause this issue.

    Of all the things you did, only the first one should have been tried before a new card was tested.
  2. The GPU crashes from 5 minutes to 1 hour of gameplay usualy. I ran 3D Mark and FurMark myself for an entire day and there were no artifacts/crashes/errors found. The simptoms of the crashing the green/purple/red lines horizontaly strechign across the screen looks exactly like when you card dies while your in a game and you know your GPU just got fried. Guess ill have to buy a new card once im able to collect enough money.
  3. Usually 3D Mark will cause the same crashes as regular game play, odd that it does not in your case. Try this, run the PC with the case open, and put a small fan blowing on the card. Then play whatever you do to make it crash. Is it stable then? Another thing to try, use a overclocking utility and UNDERCLOCK the card a bit. Say 10%, see what happens.

    The issue is really looking like it's from the video card, since you put in a good list of what you tried, despite the fact that the card runs 3DMark OK, to me it looks like video card issue.
  4. Hey one quick thing. Can you test your card on your friends systems? You said you tried different monitors from your friends. Before you buy one and If you do buy one get a better card the the 250.

    I wish you good luck on this. There is nothing more worse than somebody calling you a lier when you know for a fact what is up with your own rig. I really feel for you.
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