ISP provided router vs. my own router I buy?

So I just got a new Frontier (formerly Verizon for me here in WA state) FiOS wireless router. I had a Westell supplied router from Verizon (back when I had them) and was having a lot of dropped connections and incredibly slow wireless speeds. So Frontier sent me this Actiontec MI424WR wireless router. I'm not very happy with the speeds though with this new router. I'm get my advertised speeds of 35mbps down and 35mbps up on a wired ethernet connection but wireless speeds (even if my ipad, or laptop are next to the router) are anywhere from 10mbps to 17mbps. Would it help my wireless speeds at all if I bought my own router? I think this new router is only 10/100 speeds if that matters at all. I do quite a bit of video streaming on my ipad and laptop (Netflix especially) so I want my wireless speeds closer to 35mbps if possible.

I know the whole thing about non-guaranteed wireless speeds because of wall interference, microwaves, cordless phones, etc, but like I said, even being next to the router doesn't really make the speeds even half as fast as they are wired to the router. Is this really normal?

Any help or suggestions on a wireless router I should buy would be appreciated. I probably would go for a wireless N because I want the range, maybe dual band too? Anywho, any help is much appreciated.

thanks guys
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  1. Someone will know if this applies with your ISP but in the UK there is one ISP which blocks all routers other than those of their own supply. They also charge you £28 for a next to useless Netgear or Sagem router with no external aerial when yours goes wrong.

    Not surprisingly that company is owned by a certain Rupert Murdoch.

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