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So recently I've bought a load of PC parts to put a new rig together, but I'm having a serious issue I cannot seem to solve.

When I put everything together this first time, everything booted perfectly and ran with no issue at all. However, when I turned it off so I could properly connect all the fans to the PSU/MOBO. Once I did this however, when I turned the PC back on, the power lights flashed for less than one second,and then turned off. No fans start spinning, no beeps, no nothing. When I try boot it up again, the light doesn't even flash.

I assumed I did something stupid and shorted the MoBo so I ordered a replacement but when I fitted that, same thing. Pled flashed once, nothing else, then nothing at all subsiquent trys.

I'm worried I may have fried the CPU at some point, as I've tried the PSU on another machine and it seems to work fine.

I was hoping some of you guys would be able to bestow your sage advice.

CPU: Intel i5 2500k Quade core
PSU: OCZ Mod Xstream pro 600w
GPU: Palit GTX 670
RAM: Corsair Vengence 8gb (2x4)
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  1. disconnect everything except the cpu fan and front panel power sw and speaker, remove the ram and gpu. Unplug power from your drives. Now see if it will give you an error beep code for no ram.

    if you get a beep, power off &unplug; install 1 ram (in the coreect slot (see users manual)) and power back up. You should get an error beep code for no GPU this time.

    Power off and unplug; install gpu and power back up. you shoud get a single beep indicating a successful POST and if you have the display connected something should appear. enter the bios and reset it and then set your memory to the correct voltage (if its something other than 1.5)

    shutdown and unplug and install another ram stick in the correct slot and power up again. Repeat until all ram sticks are installed.

    if you manage to get all the ram installed and it still powers up then shut back down and install 1 fan and power back up. repeat until you have all the fans plugged in.

    So now that just leaves your drives. Again plug 1 in a time, begining with the optical and finsihing with your boot drive. I do it in this order to save time on having to shut down the OS before being able to unplug the power cord.

    if at any point it stops powering up then you've found the bad component.

    And as always, try to keep bare skin in contact with the bare metal of the case for electostatic discharge protection.
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