Need to Know if GTX 560 is compatible with my motherboard

Hello Everyone, I purchased an ASUS GTX 560 DirectCU, but for some reason I when I install the GTX 560 with one 6-pin connector my computer and the graphics card start up but nothing displays to the monitor. When I use two 6-pin connectors my computer won't even start up. Is this a problem with bad graphics card, or is it incompatible with my motherboard? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

My PC Specs:

I Believe my Motherboard is: FOXCONN ALOE 1.01
Power Supply: 750watts
Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 ~3.6GHz
Old Graphics Card: GeForce GT 220
RAM: 12 GB
Computer Model: HP e9300z
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  1. Never heard of that board/nor can I find any info online under that name.

    But, your card requires two 6 pin power connectors..........why would you only put in one? That's not a very good idea. You are just asking for trouble.
    The second power connector is NOT optional.
  2. Either the power supply can't handle the new card or the card is bad. What power supply do you have? Even though a low end, junk brand 750w PSU should handle a GTX560.
  3. How many amps on your 12V?
  4. I have a Fatality 1 Gaming Gear 750W Power Supply. My motherboard is a Foxconn H-RS780-uATX (Aloe)
  5. Not a great power supply but not bad either. Have you tried reseating the video card?
  6. If you mean Deleting my old graphics card display drivers and then installing the new card then yes otherwise Im not sure what your talking about.
  7. Making sure it is seated correctly in the PCI E slot.
  8. Reseating means physically taking out the graphics card, then putting it back in.

    To make sure you have it all the way in and flush so all connections are made.
  9. ^ This.
  10. ahh yeah I've tried that, still no change.
  11. As sardonicjester posted have tried plugging both of the PCI-E power connects to the card? That card will not work with just one power connecter you must use both.
  12. Yeah I think Im just going to send it in for a replacement card and hope it works, dont jnow how to tell if its compatible with my motherboard or not??
  13. If it is a PCI-Express card and your motherboard has a PCI-Express slot it is compatible. The standard is what matters.
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