Multi display on gigabyte 6870

not able to connect 3 diaplays
i have 24" led; 22" lcd; 19" lcd
i try to connect them through:
hdmi to dvi cable - 24"
dvi cable - 22"
mini dsplay to dvi active addapter - 19"
ati control center shows 3 dsplays willing only to activate two of them
while restartin the computer shows on 24" and 19", but after win load shows on 22" 24" and asking to disable one of them to show on the 19"
according to the GB manual the card should support a matrix of all 5 ports to 5 displays/
what shoul i do?
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  1. Just to be clear - the ports on the GPU that you are using are DVI, HDMI and miniDisplay Port? Or are you using two DVI ports?
  2. Use both Mini Display ports then the either the HDMI or DVI, but not both the HDMI/DVI same time with 3+ Displays
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