Massive Fps Drops in All my games HELP?

Hi, Just most recently i have been having problems with my computer when i playing games the FPS drops by say 10 Fps from 60Fps and this causes a stop in the game and this happens in EVERY game and this is become quite the annoyance.


Mobo: M5A78L/USB3 by ASUS
CPU: AMD Fx 6100 3.3Ghz
RAM: 8 Gig Corsair vengeance ram 1600mhz
HDD: WD Caviar Black 7200RPM 750gig
GPU: EVGA 550ti 1gig GDDR5
PSU: Corsair TX 850 Watt

If there is anything i have missed please say and i will post it

Oh and i forgot to add as Ive been watching temps i have noticed the GPU Usage drops boy 10% also dunno if this helps.
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  1. try reinstalling drivers. go to Windows Update and see what's there. you may be missing some software needed to run thing properly. you may also have malware/adware or a virus.
  2. Thanks ill give the windows updates a try cant be Malware/Adware (i dont think) because its a fresh install of windows
  3. So you are just playing along at 60 then bam 10fps?

    Does it stay or is it just a temporary thing?

    You can use cpu-z or gpu z to confirm your card is running at x16. Once I clean out my system and my video card was in x1 mode(it was in the slot all the way and everything, but for some reason I had to remove and reinsert the card) and for some parts it was fine, but when it needed to start to work hard it just slowed right down.

    The only other thing i have seen cause low fps(but they stay low) like that was when a cpu gets too hot, but i do not think that is your issue.
  4. What are the temps displayed?
  5. well the slow CPU doesn't help. But should still get more than 10 fps. i suspect overheating first of. Get HWmonitor to monitor temps, it records the minimum and maximum, so load it up, play a game till the FPS drops, and go back and look at the maximum temps for cpu and gpu. And also you might be running things with higher detail than what your rig can handle, turn down some detail/texture/AA settings. When video card vram fills up you will get sudden fps drops like that too.
  6. I doubt its the temps but my temps on MY GPU are 40*c idle and about 60*c Gaming and CPU stays around the 50*c gaming and 30*c idle

    @Nukemaster No it dosnt just drop to 10fps it drops 10FPS from 60 so its a straight jolt which makes it freeze temporarily if that makes sense.
  7. the netframework stuff from windows update would help if you see it. did you install mother board drivers ? what do you have that auto runs on start up ? also, turn off all auto updates/windows and apps. stop instant massaging and email alerts.
  8. Is the game auto saving? Your mechanical could causes a FPS drop as the game autosaves.
  9. No its not doing when auto saving either its doing it when im running panning the camera .... moving in general and i just updated windows to latest everything and still persists
  10. what opsys/32-64bit ?

    could be the video card. what monitor/resolution ?

    Game settings could be too demanding for card.
  11. I use a Windows 7 ultimate 64bit and i play at 1600x900 resolution and i play games at what the game sets the graphical level also
  12. if you installed the motherboard drivers-(off the mobo install disc 0 then do a "repair" install of the opsys. ......... (not the first time it asks ( R ) but the second time it asks....
  13. How would i do the repair ? is it on the installation disc?
  14. what you have to do is boot to cd like you do when installing the opsys. go through the process as if you were going to do a new install. somewhere along the line it will ask to do a repair ( R ). don't select that first one. keep going until the second time around....... will look like you are going to do a new install/it will ask to repair. select that and go with it. will take a shorty time to complete and you will need to type in or point and click like the original install. just do what you need to do to finish it.
  15. Hello. I had the same problem on my Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 ti. I solved that by taking my videocard from my computer and good blewing, because my video card hadn't space to cool off. Just remove dust from the card very well. That's helped me. Hope for you and for all who are reading this to help you too. (sorry for my english)
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