Black edition question. 1045t

Are all Amd x6 1045t's considered black editions, with the 2.7ghz boost to 3.2ghz?
or are there some 1045t's that are non black editions that do no have the powerboost?

this newegg chip does not say black edition anywhere, and it doesnt say a thing about turboboost or 3.2ghz.
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  1. Nope the only X6 black edition's are 1075T, 1090T, and 1100T meaning unlocked multiplier. If you want to buy a cheap black edition you may get lucky with a 960T. If it unlocks you have a black edition 6 core. Their is a listing for a 970 Zosma AKA thuban black edition but I have never seen one. All thubans have the turbo boost if that is what your asking which ups the clock for a short time.
  2. Yah the 1045T is not a BE.

    You can still O.C. it but you'll have to do it the old fashioned way,which can be a bit messy.
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