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Grphics card not detected

I have connected my new
nvidia 520 2gb
graphics card.....
but when i try to see the info abt my card in gpu-z
it shows a standard vga display
not the name of my card
and i am not able to install the latest drivers i downloaded from their official site
what might be the problem?

My config is

AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.10Ghz
Gigabyte GA-MA74GMT-S2
2GB Transcend RAM
1.8 TB HDD
22" Samsung LCD Monitor
***NVIDIA 520 2GB***
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  1. Yes, the drivers are the issue. Why exactly can't you install the drivers?
  2. the thing is
    i bought a new graphics card
    put it in my pci slot and started my pc
    i get hte display my windows starts up but the resolution is of 4:3 aspect ration
    but my monitor has 16:9 aspect ration
    so i thought it could be because i did not install then drivers
    but when i tried searching for the drivers from the nvidia site automatically
    it said i have the latest dirvers
    then i checked it in gpu-z
    the name should have been of my card but instead it is
    "standard vga graphics adapter"
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    Don't search automatically.

    Do the manual search, select your operating system, download the drivers. Or install them from the disk that came with your card.
  4. i just solved it
    went t deice manager->update drivers->manual search->showed the path to the cd drive


    anyway thanx for trying to help me.......!!!!!

    appreciate it man....!!!
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