Will this build work

I am thinking of making a pc and was wondering if I would be able to use these conponants straight out of the box (seeming as it comes as a bundle)

People are saying that you have to update the bios for this to work

CPU amd fx 4100
Motherboard asus M5A97

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  1. yes they are compatible. You shouldn't need a bios update.

    On another note, what are you using this pc for? If it's gaming, you'll want to grab an i3 instead. Sadly, AMD's cpus are out of the game atm when it comes to gaming.

  2. As far as I know the 9xx series should work out of the box with fx series. I have heard the need to update the bios on 8xx series am3+ boards. Maybe someone with real world experience can shine some light on the subject.
  3. The only reason you would need a bios update is if they did something wrong at the fab or if it was made before the fx chips came out (that individual unit). It's likely that this is a newer one since FX has been out for a while.

    And according to reviews, updating the bios on that board has a significant chance of bricking it, so son't update unless you have to.
  4. Thanks for the quick replys. I3 would or might be a problem as some times it costs more and can you use ati graphics cards and it's just the fact that I could get that fx up to about 4ghz. Sooo I'm sort of stuck with what I should do. I will post a picture of the build to show if I knew where to upload it. And yes it is for gaming
  5. Tom123195 said:
    Thanks for the quick replys. I3 would or might be a problem as some times it costs more and can you use ati graphics cards and it's just the fact that I could get that fx up to about 4ghz. Sooo I'm sort of stuck with what I should do. I will post a picture of the build to show if I knew where to upload it. And yes it is for gaming

    Not sure what you mean about the ati graphics, the cost is only $10 more. If you do plan on overclocking like you said, then yes the fx is the way to go.
  6. So what I'm saying is that I don't want to have slower intel I want the faster amd but I was just worried weather it would be a pain to use the CPU as the bios won't support it
  7. As far as clock for clock the i3 is faster due to having a much stronger architecture in Sandy Bridge. When you overclock the fx it can meet/beat the i3 in certain tasks. (gaming still tends to prefer clock speed). If you want to overclock then the 4100 is the way to go. If you don't plan on overclocking the i3 is stronger.

    The cpu should work just fine in the mobo without a bios flash.
  8. I'd still take a Phenom II 965 over the FX-4100 or the i3 at the 100-120 dollar price point, the Phenom II is the better choice. Overclocked and non-overclocked. But one man's opinion does not make a fact. But, the i3 and the FX-4100 are not quad cores, both of them are dual cores that "pretend" to have 4 cores. The Phenom II is a true quad.
  9. I would take a phenom as well. Sad that the availability is getting less and less.
  10. But surely the if it has 4 cores and 4 threads it must be 4. And if the core clock is better on the fx shouldn't it out perform the phenom
  11. No, the ipc(instructions per clock) is lower. The fx is made up of 2 modules with two "cores" each which share
    resources that ordinarily a single core would have on its own. The only way to make up for this is to increase the clocks very high.
  12. yeah fx has screwed around with the definition of "core".

    even overclocked to 4.6 GHz (which would require a cooler and more money), the i3 still wins in most games.

    The only reason to go with FX is if you really love ocing. It simply doesn't help enough.


    The first one shows cpus at clock speed and the second, when you scroll down, shows the FX overclocked. Compare the two pages and in those games the i3 always wins.

    On top of that, you need a decent cooler to get 4.6 GHz. You would probably need something better than a hyper 212+, but let's say you get lucky and pull it off. That would add $35 and cost $25 more than a i3-2120 for worse performance.

    btw, what's your budget and the rest of your planned build? People here are very good at shifting around parts to get very good computers for cheaper than you might think.
  13. Right.
    Sorry there is no links

    CPU ( recently changed choice ) amd Phenom II 965 Or fx 4100
    GPU : asus ati radeon 6850 or better
    Mobo : well this is annoying because I was going to get a bundle with a asus M5a97 but I am open to suggestions
    HDD : Seagate 1tb
    RAM : suggestions because I was going to get a bundle
  14. Do you need to stick with that store? If so, here's what I recommend:

    i3-2120 - £94.99

    Asus P8B75 - £64.99 (plenty more options, I don't know your specific needs)

    4GB (2x2GB) Crucial 1333mhz - £19.99

    Seagate 1TB Barracuda - £74.98

    Samsung 16x DVD-ROM - £11.98

    Antec Earthwatts PSU - £39.99 (will work for i3 + 6850 or 6870)

    CM Elite 430 Black - £34.99 (there are plenty of options here, overpriced compared to newegg though)

    GPU - one of the following depending on how much you want to spend:

    6850 - £99.99

    6870 - £123.99

    you could go more expensive with the gpu too.

    Anyway, that mobo+ram+cpu are only £10 more than your original bundle.

    with the 6850, that comes to £813.13. Which is expensive for what your getting imo. Are there better UK stores? oops i had a bunch of those items in the cart twice... it comes to £445.03.
  15. lol, i made a mistake with the pricing. Fixed it.

    Your build looks good. The phenom II is slightly worse than an i3 for gaming but better at everything else. Also cheaper.

    Normally that PSU is overpriced but it's one of the few PSUs on that site that is close to newegg prices so it's a good choice.

    You need an optical drive unless you have an extra lying around.

    Also, if you need to buy windows, you can bundle it with the hdd.

    What prices are you expecting to decrease in September?
  16. I don't really know maybe the hard drives because I think they might be more expensive at the mo. why would the i3 be better when it only has 2 cores at 3.4 ghz when the phenom is at 3. 4 ghz quad core and oc able with that mobo I can use auto tune
  17. Also if you know any other better CPUs in that price range that fit that mobo then please tell me Because I need this to be as cheep as I can get it. And lastly if you know any better websites where I could get those components and tell me how much cheaper it would be roughly
  18. Hard drive prices have dropped nearly down to their original prices (before the Thailand flooding). By September they may have gone down a bit more. But if you are only building this computer in September, there will many changes in between now and then. The 6850 will likely loose it's recommendation and there may be better cpus out too. 5 months is a little long to plan a computer build.

    About he i3/phenom thing, cpu performance is not as simple as speed times cores. Sandybridge cores get more done in the same amount of cpu cycles. Also most games only make full use of 2 cores. The third and fourth core do not double the performance but increase it by about 10-20% per core.

    There's nothing wrong with the phenom II though. Overclocked it performs close enough to the i3 in games that the bottleneck will usually be on the gpu anyway. And it performs better in non-games scenarios like web browsing and general computer use.

    I wouldn't trust auto-tune though. Read a guide and do the OC yourself. Autotune functionalities are prone to overvolting or giving you a less than stable oc.

    As to other stores, I'll post back when i find something.
  19. The reason I would like 4 cores is because I sometimes run servers and film using fraps so I need the extra cores
  20. yeah, like I said, the phenom II is a great choice. Not trying to discourage you from it.
  21. So the amd fx 4100 has 2 cores
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