Is my viewsonic VA1716w monitor analog or digital?

I'm trying to connect my ps3 to my vga only monitor and it keeps on giving me a no signal error on the monitor so could the monitor be analog no digital? (the cable is hdmi at one end and male VGA on the other)

Sry for probably posting this in the wrong subc category but i'm a little lost here.
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  1. VGA is an analog signal so your monitor is analog only.

    As far as I know, what your trying to do won't work (using HDMI -> VGA) since HDMI is digital and VGA is analog.

    Apparently most work arounds do not work so well. So I would say you would need an LCD screen with HDMI input. Sorry for the barer of bad news!
  2. It may be an issue with the video settings not changing. When it is off, hold down the power button for like 5 seconds until you hear the second beep. Lcds are digital on screen but the signal is converted when using vga which is analog.
  3. First of all, VGA is analog :).

    Are you using HDMI to VGA adapter that converts digital to Analog? If you do you can't, because you need a digital to analog converter. Because VGA is waves and HDMI is 10101010 (Digital), so it's totally a two different things. It's not worth it to get some converter and rare.

    Sorry for giving a bad new for you, but you need an HDMI TV... :)
  4. Thx i guessed as much after i checked the manual that came with the LCD< i apparently got ripped and there's probably no way i can get my money back so cheers :/ , Thx for the quick replies thought.
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