My first self build PC

Ok, so i'm building my first PC :pt1cable: :bounce:

Here are the specs:

SSD A-Data SP900 ASP900S3-128GM-C
MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC
ASRock Z77 EXTREME4 (plan on doing crossfire in the future)
Kingston HyperX 2x4GB 1600MHz DDR3
Corsair CX600 V2 600W

Now i am thinking, whether to get the haf xm, the corsair 500r white or something else as my case?
Needs to fit under my desk and be in this price range.

Also, will i have problems with the spare cables on my psu with the 500r? (eg. nowhere to place them, bulging side panel.)


P.S. not sure if this is in the right category, sorry if not. :whistle:
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  1. You cant really go that wrong with on the front, side, back, top (or options to buy after market fans and mount them there) check the reviews of the case to make sure your GPU will fit (newegg offers a search, just drop in your GPU). Any full tower will have enough room, but the Mid towers you want to definately check. You should also pick up a Hyper 212 evo or plus for your CPU.
  2. ok, so i'll get the 500r, i like the white one, but will it yellow over time like other white things?
  3. close this thread please, wrong section
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