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I have a Dell Optiplex gx620 Slimline and want to upgrade my video card. I have already tried a Gigabyte HD 4550, but the sub vga 15 pin adapter sticks up above my computer. I don't need this adapter as I want to use the HDMI. I use my TV for a monitor. I am running Windows 7 and have 4 gb of ram. I also tried a Raedon HD 4670 and it is twice the size of my tower! Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    This is the only one I can see:
    Asus ATI EAH6450 Silent PCI-E 2.0 1GB GDDR3 DVI HDMI D-Sub DX11 Low Profile

    Then again, Australians don't get much choice :P You could also get a low profile bracket if you have a slimline card but with a full bracket. So I believe.
  2. My computer is 32 bit, does that matter? I see this card is 64 bit. Thank you!
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