I was looking for motherboard info on their site. When I was trying to sign up to post some questions, they would not allow Yahoo email accounts. I wrote them asking how to get access and this in the reply I got:

To: Tanner Sandlin <>
Subject: Re: I would like to post on yourt board but...

You can sign up using a real e-mail address.

At 11:27 AM 5/15/01 -0700, you wrote:
>You have banned Yahoo addresses... How do I get an ID or am I just out of luck?
>Tanner Sandlin
>Do You Yahoo!?
>Get your free address at

We have several moderators who check mail, so please quote all previous correspondence. Otherwise, we may not be able tspond. Yes, THIS MEANS AOL MEMBERS, TOO.

I am glad I found Toms and had you guys answer my questions. Obviosly I am to low brow to post on their website...

Tanner Sandlin
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  1. heck i have aol becuase my dad get its for 3 bucks a month throught work

    but yeh they won't let me post there because i have it
    also i got a somewhat of a nasty letter form them then i got a much nicer one i think they just have an anger person working for them

    so i only go there to check out some of the new news that is posted every day
  2. Just sign up for a hotmail account. As long as you always remember to register for things by saying that they CANNOT share your info with third-party businesses, you won't get spammed. I understand it's the evil MSN empire, but since I don't click banners, or use their site for anything but email, I think all I'm doing for them is using resources. Spam is not a problem for me, and I don't have the Inbox Protector on, so it's all good.


    Without Evil, there can be no Good. Therefore, without an Intel, there can be no AMD.
  3. Try for free email.

    No discussion board I've ever used has refused a netscape email address.
  4. some forums are not user friendly... its sad really :(

    Thank goodness for Tom and his good work.

    IMacs for the blind
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