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I have a Westell 7500. The unit is a dsl modem & router. I want to disable the dsl, and connect the 7500 to a cable modem. I got it to conect to the modem (once), then tried going online, and all I got was verizons dsl activation page.
how can I connect it to a cable modem, and go online (other than to the activation page)?

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  1. You can't since it doesn't have a WAN port.
  2. it does have an "E1/uplink" port, and I was able to get the 7500 to acknowledge the cable modem, and I was able to go online that way, but all I got was Verizon's activation page..
  3. Grumpy, I found this while looking for an answer

  4. So?
  5. I just wanted to update you, so that you'ld be aware of the capabilities of it..
  6. You still can't connect it to a cable modem. The article is about using it with Verizon DSL and also calls it a crappy router. Just get a real router.
  7. the way I read the article, you could. Also, as I mentioned, I did get it working, got it online, the only problem I have/had was all I got was verizons activation page. finnally, when I got it free, why should I pay for something? I agree, it is fussy, but free is free (and not nesc. easy)
  8. Just out of curiosity, what IP address did you get when connected to the Westall.
  9. umm..Honestly, I didn't write it down...I am trying to remember it, but I forgot...
  10. On your computer, open a command prompt and type ipconfig/all.
  11. I know how to get it, but thank you...At some point today, I will get into it & I will be able to get it for you...
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