Pentium 4 vs Celeron....

How much of a performance upgrade would a Celeron E1400 be from a Pentium 4 521.
Got the celeron for £6...

P4 521 HT
1 core
2 threads
800MHz FSB
1MB cache

Celeron E1400
2 cores
2 threads
800MHz FSB
1MB cache
Allendale (i think)

both LGA775

System has 2GB DDR2 RAM
ATI Raedon x1650SE
HP DC7600 SFF.
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  1. Celeron wins hands down! Make sure you check your mobo's CPU compatibility, it may need a BIOS update or not support it at all (more likely with it being an HP)
  2. I try it and see if it works.
  3. The chipset supports the CPU, i think i need to upgrade my BIOS...
  4. The chipset supports it, but it doesn't mean the motherboard will...
  5. You need at leased an intel 945 chipset to use a dual core chip like a pentium d.

    That celeron is much much newer its more like a core2duo.

    A 945 board like the one in your HP with the newest bios should work.
  6. Here is the chipsets cpu support list=
  7. Most OEM's *** on the offical support lists and lock their OEM motherboards to only support a select few. As in the case of the HP the last bios was updated in 2006 to add support for Intel Pentium 4 Processor microcode for F34, F41, F43, F44, F47, F49, F4A, F64, and F65 steppings.
  8. Ah pieces of ****, doesn't work, guess i have 2 spare CPUs (the other being a Celeron D 360), thanks for the help everyone.
  9. The real bummer is that hp uses a funky mobo.. so you cant even get a cheapo or ebay board to upgrade the computer with.
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