What type of video card do i need?

What type of Video card can I use that has a HDMI port?
Specs: Wind. XP
pentium 4 2.53 Ghz/478 pin w/512K cache 533MHZ FSB
enemas 430W EG465P-VE FC P4 Power Supply
currently uses radeon 9700 Pro 128 MB card
512 MB DDR DIMM 266 MHz
Appreciate any suggestions you could make.
Virgil Parker
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  1. It depends on what you want to do with the card. Watching movies or gaming?
  2. HDMI is a pretty common features on cards in every price range now but they are not universal. Providing them is often optional in the reference card designs so you just have to look around and see which have them and which don't. Most online shopping sites like Newegg should allow you to use that as a search criteria to speed things up.
  3. you should use hd 6450 for your system it will be ok another cards may bottleneck because your cpu is too old.:)

  4. It's entirely up to you but I would offer yo change the config to something Core2Duo or higher. Imagine time saving alone. Depending on the country you could sell your rig for ~€150. Add another ~€150 and you could get budget Sandybridge setup with small SSD. Enough for movie playing and even light encoding. Check my cheapo setup boot time for comparison:

    Just saying..
  5. You will need an AGP card with HDMI like this:


    Also consider putting more RAM in.

    Will be ok for old games and HD playback after the upgrade.

    Please consider a new build if you want to play recent games or need to do performance intensive task.

    Also enermax psu not enemas psu :lol:
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