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Okai, I've recently bought some new components.

I started to build it, I placed the CPU in and it fitted in fine with no tension but when I added the heatsink the clip wasn't long enough to fit under the hook so I couldn't even attempt tighten it.

Motherboard: http://www.ebuyer.com/269076-asus-m5a78l-usb3-amd-socket-am3-8-channel-hd-audio-atx-motherboard-m5a78l-usb3

CPU: http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/23584039/AMD-Phenom-Ii-X4-965-AM3-CPU-AND-Cooler-Black-Edition/Product.html?searchstring=AMD+965&searchsource=0&searchtype=allproducts&urlrefer=search

I'm just wondering weather I would need a new CPU or just a neat fan/heatsink?

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  1. I'm not sure i get the problem...

    The heatsink clip isn't long enough?
  2. Ok

    1. I unclip the CPU part of the Mobo.
    2. Put the CPU in
    3. Clip it into place
    4. Attempt to the put the fan on, but one of the 2 clips doesn't fit.
    5. It's on one side hooked behind the plastic but the other clip is like 1/2 cm maybe 1cm from clipping under the other piece of plastic.

    I will upload some pictures now for you!
  3. you really need to push it - that's how the pressure is applied.

  4. This is what I'm talking about mine doesn't hook in like that it's about 1/2 cm maybe 1cm away from going under do I really need to apply that much force?

    Sorry, first time build with CPU + Mobo :)

    I'd rather take my time and not fry or break anything!

    Cheers for your replies so far!
  5. So I need to force it under the piece of plastic like above then flick it over?

  6. The AMD lever and clip is usually pretty easy. Make sure the sink is seated and the non lever side is under the plastic lug. The other side with the lever should be quite easy to get over the lug, the lever is off centre so one way the clip is loose and it is pulled down as you rotate it through 180º

    The picture above looks as though it is in the loose position, but they have changed the heatsink and clip a few times so I could be wrong! If you just look at the heatsink off the cpu and operate the lever you will see how it applies pull one way and not the other. There are a few clips on youtube too.
  7. Thanks, the above picture is in the loose position, the above picture isn't a picture of mine. I cannot even get it down that low after 2 hours of attempting too, it's resting on the CPU all level it's 1/2cm maybe 1cm from going under the plastic hook. Then I still need to put the leaver over.
  8. Should I be applying that pressure on?
  9. Hmm, I must admit that I can't remember really having to put much pressure on them to get the clip over the lug, you do feel the thing tightening up as the lever goes through the upright position. The ones I've used the clip goes over the lugs with very little pressure and the lever does all the pulling.

    Having said that the sinks I've used have been slightly different older ones and things like Arctic coolers 64s etc.

    Might be worth pulling the heatsink off and making sure the clip is centred and not catching on something.
  10. Well, I wait to do anything for a day or a couple as my mate who built the PC I'm using now is going to come and help me. :)
  11. Also, some of the thermal paste has gone on the CPU(obviously) but should i look to clean it and re-place/re-apply some or will ti be ok?
  12. The module ID's for the CPU isn't on the CPU supported list but it fit's in fine(i think?) could the ID mean the stock cooler wouldn't fit why it wasn't on there?

    Thanks, so i need to buy an aftermarket Fan?
  13. bump
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