Acer h243h monitor - no display

When I turn on the monitor, it shows the computer screen for about 5 seconds, then goes to black. All lights on bottom right are on. I turn the monitor off and back on, it does the same thing again. Moved the monitor to a laptop, and it does the same thing. Put a different monitor on the computer and it works just fine. Any suggestions?
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  1. Is it new? You can RMA it, seems something is wrong with your Monitor. Or even take a refund and buy another one?
  2. Thanks for the reply. No, it is about 2 yrs old. Just started this last week. I have tried different cables but it follows the monitor. While it is on, it looks great. Than, after about 5 secs, it goes to black again.
  3. Well are you sure that there is nothing wrong in the setup? It's maybe that it's old and you may replace it :).
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