A few questions about my proposed system?

I am a total newbie so I am open to any suggestions and all help is greatly appreciated.
Firstly, will there be any compatibility issues?
I'm shopping from Ireland so Ebay seems to be my best bet.
Also, I do realize that I don't have a case. What should I look for in a case? Any suggestions?
Anything my system is missing? I'm going to skim on the dvd drives for now, as I make absolutely no use out of them.
Is there anywhere I could shave off some $$$?
Also do you think that my motherboard bundle is an overkill? I want a system which I can handle graphics upgrades in the future without bottle necking.
Don't be too harsh on me if I have forgotten something vital! :pt1cable:

Motherboard bundle:


I am not willing to spend more on these particular items unless a slight price increase will lead to a substantial gain in power.
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