i have found a retailer selling a i5-2400.. for $118......i am thinking i might go for that instead of the i5-2500k....and for game with a nice gpu,,,i just don,t see a lot of difference in gaming, and i don,t overclock...maybe do turbo boost....i think the i5-2400 is the way to go, and save a bunch of $ on top of it...going to put it on a asrock gen 3 extreme 3 z68 board... what are your thoughts on that price? :bounce:
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  1. Wow that is a nice price on the Intel® Core™ i5-2400. Just make sure it is a reputable retailer that you pick up form.
  2. thanks...yea....the performance difference is hardly noticeable...i sort of gathered that by looking on the net last night.....games today are more gpu dependent. wow , sold out at one store , i am trying to get the other store to hold one for me...waiting now on the phone to talk to someone..i thought there would be a rush on it at that price
  3. great ,,,just bought one at the tempe store, ,,,going to pick it up later...saving that much money,,i might buy video card and cough up the $20 for taxes....i am so happy,,,what a deal
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    your good...
    Fry's is quality retailer and as for the performance look at my last post..

    you got a good deal too at $140,,,,mine was $128 out the door,,,i was smart calling in and have one reserved for me.....when i bought it, he said i got the last one...wow....picked up a xfx 6870 too, they had a diamond 7850, but i have heard that some said it was hot when they overclocked due to the poor cooling on it...if they would have had a msi 7850, i would have been weakened and picked it up.......the 6870 should do me okay, since i only game demos just see what they are like...not that much.. i might try a crossfire later maybe, 2 6870s should pack a punch
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    how much was the HD 6870.?
    it's a killer mid-card..
    nice move regardless the maker.

    $169, plus tax, a $20 rebate,,,i thought it was a good deal.....the diamond 7850 was $269, and the diamond 7870 was $319 i believe.. seems like video cards have raised in prices...maybe they will decrease later and i will jump on a 7 series ati.......there were a few nvida cards, but for my main rig, ati has a nicer colors on my desktop , i can tell the difference. on my other 2 computers, running gtx 260,s
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