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So I'm a NVIDIA fan but I haven't seen anyone using NVIDIA for 3 displays. I want to build a new rig that can do 3 displays 1080p and possibly 3d. The most demanding game I play is battlefield 3. My budget for the build is 3000. I am recycling the power supply hard drives and ram from my current desktop. So what would be the best gpu setup? I was thinking 3x latest Amd video cards water cooled but this could be too expensive.
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  1. This is a feature that was JUST put into availability by AMD or expect to be released in the next month or 2. Nvidia has had this feature longer, so it's likely more fleshed out.

    The reason I believe you don't hear much about it is that active 3D displays have ghosting/crosstalk problems on the outside edges of the glasses, and that it would require massive graphics power to make it work.

    You might want to consider the possibility of as passive setup for this. It would require less graphics power and would have less crosstalk problems (or none at all). I love 3D, but be aware that it doesn't work perfectly on many games. Most games have at least a few quarks to live with. I'd advise trying a single 3D setup rather than going 3D surround.
  2. ^Couldn't have said it better. The best thing you can possibly do right now is buy the best, highest resolution 3d monitor you can find for the same price as your three individual monitors, and go from there; I honestly believe you'd have a much better experience, and it would save you money along the way by not needing the same amount of graphics power as a massive 3x3d setup. That all is, if you haven't already bought these three monitors.
  3. 3d vs surround you find 3d more enjoyable? I've heard that with surround on bf3 you actually get a larger viewing angle from the two side displays instead of screen stretched. I find this very appealing. Also I always use a headset so I do have a concern that I wont like using the 3d glasses for comfort reasons. I think if I had to choose one or the other I would go surround.
  4. You know what I will try a single 3d display first. If I don't like it I can sell a single display a lot easier tha whole pc of regret lol. Any recommendations?
  5. I find glasses to be uncomfortable with headsets, so you might be advised to go with 2D surround or eyefinity. One other option is to go 2D surround or eyefinity with a single 3D monitor in the middle.
  6. I will do exactly that. 3d now and surround later.
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    I'd recommend Nvidia 3D vision over AMD HD3D, only because AMD relies on 3rd party software. Although they both seem to work pretty well, only Nvidia 3D vision seems to be more quickly supported with new software.

    I'd also suggest going with 560ti's in SLI or a single 580. You'll still want good power for a single 3D setup. Look for Nvidia 3D vision 2 monitors. There will not be many available. I believe THG has made a few fairly recent articles on the subject.
  8. How do you do 3 displays with NVIDIA? Plug 1 into each card? Do you use sli bridge or no?
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  10. mephistois said:
    How do you do 3 displays with NVIDIA? Plug 1 into each card? Do you use sli bridge or no?

    Nvidia 2D surround (eyefinity style) requires SLI and you plug 2 monitors into 1 card and 1 in the other, unless it's one of the few dual GPU cards that have 3 DVI connections.
  11. Thank you much
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