Is my CPU overheating?

I need help guys, my computer keeps turning off. I thought it was my GPU because it was sitting at 100-105C under load so I bought a new fan for it and now it stays around 60C under load. But my computer keeps turning off and it's becoming really frequent. I think it's my CPU overheating and I want to reseat and apply new thermal paste but I can't get the heatsink off to save my life. It's a Phenom II x4 955.

Here's a picture of my speed fan. Does anyone know why my fan 4 isn't working?

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  1. Fan 4 probably just isn't connected (not even one there to detect).

    Try HWMonitor instead of SpeedFan to see what it says.
  2. The heatsink will be rather hard to get off as the thermal paste is very sticky, to help remove it turn your PC on for 5 mins and then turn it off then remove it. This will make it easier to remove and clean the paste.
  3. here's the screenshot of the hwmonitor.

    I'm guessing that my cpu is indeed overheating though? Nothing is even running at the time of the screen shot besides my web browser.

    Also, the part that's hard about my heatsink are the clips. I can't get it to unclip at all.
  4. jmido8 said:
    I'm guessing that my cpu is indeed overheating though?

    100C idle certainly sounds like a major problem. Hard to imagine that happening short of dry-fitting (no TIM whatsoever) the HSF, forgetting to peel off the protective tape/cover or otherwise having little/no contact between the HSF and IHS.
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    Yeah, that's definitely WAY TOO HOT.

    107C? I'm thinking that may even be a faulty sensor. If not, something is SERIOUSLY wrong and you need to shut down IMMEDIATELY.

    Is Cool 'n Quiet enabled? It doesn't look like it is because the voltage is high for basically idle and it's running at 117.6W power level at the time of the screen shot. That's near 100% full power for that CPU (for the Black Edition at stock anyway).

    Make sure that Cool 'n Quiet is enabled, that if you're overclocked, go back to bone stock, and you probably need to take the heatsink off and redo the thermal paste (after thoroughly cleaning off the old stuff).

    Hell, with temps THAT bad, you may need an aftermarket heatsink.
  6. You should be able to smell a burning sensation at those levels, try smelling inside your case and see if you can smell it burning.
  7. Sensors are wrong idling at 100 with cores at 107..... you would need a fire extinguisher not a heatsink.
  8. I managed to finally get off the heatsink and reapply thermal paste. My temp 1 is idling at 45C and my Core is at 50C. I'll try loading up a game shortly and see what it hits.

    Also, the temps in the screenshots were shortly (maybe 10 minutes?) after playing a video game.
  9. 10 minutes after gaming shouldnt have been near those temps at 107 the core would be wrecked.

    Anyway 45 idle is better.... still a little high but alot better. If that temp 1 goes alot over 60 at load there is something wrong either with the paste, HSF or the CPU itself.

    Prime95 is better for testing these things than just running a game.
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