Two 5850s. One runs significantly hotter. Is this dangerous?

Hello all,

I'm a first time poster, but long time reader and appreciate the great advice you give on hardware. I have built a machine for the primary purpose of trading, with light gaming on the side. I have two Radeon 5850s currently running 6 monitors. Since they are so close, one runs significantly hotter than the other. I have wired the monitors such that the "hot card" runs the top three, as they see lighter loads ( only use them for charting). My bottom three are where I would potentially use them for gaming or media, as well as trading during normal hours. I have done this to avoid putting excess stress on the already hot card. My concern is that the hot card running at hot for extended periods of time could wind up damaging the card.

My Questions

Is one of my two GPUs running too hot? Under normal conditions they run at 58C and 73C respectively.

I know that 73C is within the safety zone, but is that temperature dangerous to the card and/or other parts if it runs for an extended period of time? Days/weeks without being off.

If I do need to cool this card, what would be a good recommended course of action?

My setup

Case - Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case

GPUs - Two Radeon 5850s running 6 monitors.

MB/CPU - GIGABYTE GA-X58A / I7 930 @2.80.

Ram - 12GB 2000

Thanks again guys.
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  1. Is that Idle 73C? That is dangerous, you may try to find some problem with the card, try cleaning it and put side fans to cool it down. Usually idling 6 monitors gives surprisingly high temperatures, but as far as I know that's too high.

    If that's maximum temperature, you are fine and you can try adjusting fan settings :).
  2. you could change the side panel fan that run at 700rpm with 4 120 mm fan with higher rpm and cfm
  3. The heat probably comes from the far-less-than-ideal airflow that the little gap between the cards affords the top one. 73C is totally fine, but you could jack up the top card's fan speed a little with MSI Afterburner to bring it down. I'm assuming that's a load temperature.
  4. +1^ 73c is perfectly fine assuming thats the load temp.
  5. I did a test last night. Left the computer on, and came back this morning. Shook the mouse, monitors lit up, checked temp. It read 69C. for the top one. Bottom one was in the 50s. I'm guessing 69C isn't much improved from 73C as i stated last night.

    I'm going to Micro Center tomorrow to look at some fans to improve air flow. I'm going to try to get a 4x120mm fan with higher CFM. Should I replace the top, side, front and rear fans, or any one/two in particular?

    Another question. My power supply is a CoolerMaster eXtreme Power Plus RS-700-PCAA-E3. Is there a chance that this could be assisting in the problem. I've read that it's an underwhelming unit, and don't know if lack of power could lead to cooling issues. I was thinking of upgrading to a Corsair PSU with 750 to 850 watts. I'm not the most computer savvy person out there, so I have no clue if this is worth mentioning.

    Thanks again for all the help fellas.
  6. Well good luck on buying new PSU and Fan, by the way the PSU technically should be enough. However it's much better to get a TX750/GS800/TX850 :).
  7. you could also use a fan controller to plug those 4 side fans so if the upper card get higher in temp you could have the top speed up and lower the bottom one in rpm
  8. No, the PSU isn't the problem. A bad PSU will usually cause crashes and other weird issues, but it won't heat things up. If you ever feel like upgrading (if your current box fails), go for something like an OCZ ZS 750W or an XFX XXX.
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