EVGA GTX 570 Display Driver Error??

Hey all,

Looking for a bit of help on this one.

I just put together a custom PC for gaming. Currently running Windows 7 Professional. Graphics card is an EVGA GTX 570 2.5GB [...] 6814130687

Anyway, the issue at hand, my display driver seems to crash from time to time. It did it when I first put it together, so I reinstalled the drivers and everything seemed to work fine for a few weeks. Today it has happened 3 times in just a few hours.

The exact error states:

"Display Driver stopped responding and has recovered.
Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 285.66 stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

When it happened my screen stops receiving a signal for about 2 seconds and then comes back with that error.

I tried checking for another driver, no luck. It seems the driver that was on the CD that came with the card is the most up to date driver.

ANY help would be awesome!

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    they got beta 295.51 on nvidia or older 285.62
  2. So basically you think I should try a different driver? I'm always weary about beta drivers. Wasn't sure if going to a previous driver was okay - I assumed the one on the CD that came with the card was safe and the most functional.
  3. sometimes old one work better and beta correcting bug you got the choice
  4. Would I be better off getting the most recent beta driver or one that has been around for a little while?
  5. the best way to find it give them a try note the one that work better
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