Blue screen during windows install

i am trying to install vista or windows 7 and during both they blue screen during set up i even mounted windows 7 iso with deamin tools lite witch ran the setup then after restart it strait blue screened .... my laptop spec is

pentium m 1.6ghz
512mb ra,m

40gb hard drive

its an intel cenrtino chipset (

i am really baffled to why it does this ... my left and right keys dont work so i cant fully navigate my bios options ..

i am running windows xp media center edition ... the only thing i qwant 7 or vista for is for the media center tlo stream files to my xbox 360 as no matter what i do windows xp media center wont work with myh xbox .. it just directs me to to put a code in but there is no where to typew the code as it just leads me top windows media cewnter supposrt page any help
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  1. hardware failure probably
  2. Whats the BSOD STOP code/Error message?

    In the meantime, a memory check via memtest86 couldn't hurt.
  3. You don't have enough RAM...
  4. Even XP with 512MB was still painfully slow, I don't want to imagine Vista/7 with less than 1GB.
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