HTPC IR Recievers, Help finding one.

Hello, I am in the process of building my first HTPC, and while I am being patient and buying my parts as they go on sale, I have one thing that I just CANNOT seem to find a product for. A internal IR reciever that is WMC compatable and will work with my logitech harmony One remote.

I have found several WMC remote bundles with the external USB dongles, and the one internal (antec iMon 3.5 bay) one the reviews make it sound like it doesnt play nice with WMC remotes.

I plan on getting the Lian Li PC-C33B, which I can modify (if i need to drill a hole for a reciever lens, or cut a hole), since I have that skill set. But a bay adapter would be nice. I will be going with either an Asus or Asrock mobo (z68) with motherboard IR header.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I forgot to mention, Im using win7. I think that makes a difference...
  2. Well, the easiest route would be to select a case that has an internal IR receiver built in rather than retrofitting one. Nearly all of them come with an iMon front panel (like the Antec Fusion series). Moneual also makes cases with integrated IR. There are some cases that have a built in window that allows you to add a 3rd party IR module, but they are rare. Some of the nMedia cases have these windows... like the 7000 series (review).

    Another option is to just use the external USB IR receivers you've probably already found. They can be strategically placed in an unobtrusive spot near your TV since they come with an extension cable.

    I've got two HTPC's, one with the built in iMon and one with a USB external. Both work with my Harmony.

    BTW if you don't mind purchasing used, I'm parting out my HTPC with the integrated iMon IR. It's a Moneual 832P in perfect condition. It comes with an iMon remote and matching keyboard.
  3. I like the case I have selected. And the integrated cases used the antec imon system. Which was the part in concerned about, since several reviewers said (the 3.5" bay insert) would only function as a remote power button. But if it can function off the wmc and work directly with the Logitech sounds like that's the best option.
  4. Yeah, it will work with your harmony. I don't know why anyone would say it only functions as a remote power button. That's not true.

    Be ready to play with the iMon manager software. The defaults can be annoying. For example, on mine it plays an annoying sound whenever an IR signal is issued.

    If that iMon panel is like mine, you'll need the iMon Manager software to configure it. The soundgraph website kind of sucks. You think you can get the latest iMon Manager software from the soundgraph downloads link?? Nope. You get the latest version from the Customer Service page (link)
  5. so it won't work with the native win7 ir drivers? The bits I read said that the imin software was essentially a keymapping overlay, and that's why it would cause conflicts when used with windows media center (rather then the bundled software), and that was why it would cause conflicts with the Logitech remotes. I'm fine with using drivers for the device, and your experience is that it works just like a mwc remote, then I'll give ita shot. Worst case I end up buying an ugly USB dongle and trying to hide it as best I can.

    The device I was looking at (im on my phone, so I was using the newegg app) is listed as item number: N82E1681199919, its antec mult-station ir reciever. The reviews there are what scared me off, but this is why I decided to ask about these things here, as all it takes to have something seem scary is a handful of people who don't know what they are doing to complain about it!

    I really appreciate the time you have taken to talk with me about this, I ordered all the parts this morning that I was missing, but after over a week of beating my head on the wall looking for exactly what I want out of an IR receiver its nice to get some direction.
  6. I imagine you could just use the built-in Win7 drivers for the receiver. I'm locked into using the iMon software because my unit has an LCD and the software is needed to configure what is displayed on the panel.

    For my other HTPC, I just use Win7 built-in drivers and like I said before, it works fine with my harmony.

    Post back when you get it all working and let us know how it goes.
  7. Will do, the parts should be here Saturday, I'll order the IR system tonight, so that may have to wait till next week. I did go Bit overboard on the CPU, got a 65w i5 w/ hd3000, and an asrock z68 micro atx board. way overkill for an htpc, but ill never have to upgrade it, and I can toss in a discreet video card if my girlfriend wants to use it to play the new Diablo 3 or something.
  8. So I got everything working. It took some head pounding because the directions from Soundgraph AND Logitech were wrong, or at the very least horribly missleading.
    Logitech tells you to set your harmony remote as "soundgraph -> iMon (media center)", soundgraph just says to set the software to MCE remote and download HD frames.
    Logitech was DEAD wrong, and Soundgraph was HALF wrong. (do not download HD frames, holy crap is that program terrible! messy and just plain un-intuitive!)
    It was actually very easy. 2 steps really.
    I set the iMon managment software to MCE remote.
    I set the harmony to a generic MCE remote.
    Everything worked exactly as it should.
    After hours of reading these people who have 10 page walkthroughs to remap the remotes... It really was just those 2 steps that made it work. I dont know WHY neither logitech or soundgraph know/want people to know that its that easy.
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