Any difference between these two fans?

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  1. The part number is different, other than that I don't think there's a difference or at least not a significant one.
  2. They are the same fan i bought 3 of them from newegg.
  3. [...] d_i=507846
    maybe this from Cooler master :
  4. Both the same. 120MM LED Sickle flows fans. Comes in Red, Blue, and Green.

    Below are specs of the fan for your reference:

    I have three red led versions of this fan.One for rear exhaust and 2 on my hyper 212 evo setup as a push\pull.
  6. Which one is the newer one on Amazon?
  7. Hi if you are looking for fans try searching from the large catolgue distributors websites. Or try, i found 2 parts to repair my PC!
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