Recently, I noticed my FPS in games was getting more and more unstable/choppy... I am currently rendering a video with Sony Vegas, and according to GPU-Z:
GPU Temp: 86.0C
Fan Speed %: 100%
Fan Speed RPM: --RPM
GPU Load: 1%
GPU Temp #1: 86.0C
According to SpeedFan:
Fan1: 0RPM
Fan2: 0RPM
Fan3: 0RPM
Temperatures are roughly the same.
In SpeedFan, I tried to change Speed01-Speed04 to 100%, but it still reads 0RPM.
A few days ago, I ran GPU-Z when my laptop started (no games running, browsers, or Sony Vegas), and it said my GPU Temp was 65.0 C... I asked my friend and he said that 65.0 C was unusually high, considering nothing was running.

My questions:
-Is my laptop overheating?
-If yes, how do I prevent it or cool it down?
-GPU-Z says my fans are running at 100%, while SpeedFan says they're not running (0%). Which one is correct?
-If SpeedFan is right and my fans aren't running, how do I start them?

Laptop Specs:
AMD Phenom II Quad Core Processor N950 2.10 GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
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  1. If your video and your sound is choppy, you "could" certainly be overheating and prolly are.

    Is there any air blowing out of the vents? If so then your fans work. Is it hot enough to make your hand begin to sweat?

    If your a do it your selfer, then you can prolly find a video on youtube on how to disassemble your laptop to replace your thermal paste. Everybody has an opinion, but I find that articsilver5 is one of the better paste to use.

    Or pay someone to look at it for you.
  2. My video and sound are choppy, but this is what generally happens:
    Very smooth gameplay (aprox 60FPS), for a while. All of a sudden, choppy and laggy gameplay (aprox 10-30 fps) for maybe 30seconds to a few minutes. Then it goes back up to 60 FPS.

    I can feel a little air blowing out the vents, but its very, very faint.

    It's hot to the point where I can only put my hand at the vent (left side area) for aprox 10 seconds... If I were to move my laptop, the wood under where the laptop's vent was would be hot to the point where if I left my finger on it for 5+ seconds, my finger would burn... -_-
  3. laptops are tricky when it comes to overheating since they run so hot under normal operation anyway. If your GPU is overheating your most likely going to need to send if off to the manufacturer to get fixed, that's only if its still under warranty.....
  4. I bought it off Amazon last year in Janurary... I have no clue if the warranty still exists.
    Is there any chance I could "boost" my fan speed through my BIOS or something?
  5. Probably not, unless the fan is a PWM which can be adjusted manually through a bios feature like AMD's cool and quiet. Unfortunately you're problem sounds like a bad fan not running at all. If you bought it brand new from Amazon it should have came with a manufacturers warranty which should be at least two years. Call whoever makes you're laptop and see what they can do for you.

    If you do go into the bios and there is a cool and quiet type features, if it's disabled enable it. If it's disabled enable it and see if the fan will run at 100%
  6. It sounds like you have dust on the fans.. you need to clean them with an earpick and rubbing alcohol... My lappy fell 15 degrees after a good treatment..
  7. The fan seems to have a LOT of dust on it. However, I don't know how to open my laptop and actually clean the fan out... Is compressed air safe to use on it? If yes, do I use it on the left part of my laptop (where heat is coming out) or do I use it under my laptop, directly above the fan?
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