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Hi, I have recently bought a 6870.I wish to crossfire with another in the coming weeks.However, I didn't get any crossfire bridge with my first 6870 or asus didn't give me one with my p8z68 v-le which is crossfire compatible.I'm from India and it's not so easy to buy a crossfire bridge online :fou: .Is the bridge really necessary?
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  1. yes the crossfire bridge is absolutely necessary lol. That seems strange that your card didn't include a CF bridge, both my HD 6870s' came with a bridge. Before you buy your next card just make sure that the bridge is included. You can buy any brand you want as long as its a HD 6870
  2. Same thing happened to me, I watched the newegg unboxing and they recieved a crossfire bridge with the mobo but i didnt

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  3. Some of the budget cards, and budget brands have been leaving out some of the extras that used to always be included such as the DVI to VGA adapter and crossfire bridge. Make sure you know what is to be included with the package you purchase so that you don't end up without a crossfire bridge, it's also worth holding onto your old crossfire bridges from previous purchases.
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    Yes it's necessary, your 6870 will still run in crossfire though without bridge, but It's not going to work properly as how it's suppose to be (the performance will be lower). Because without the bridge the bandwidth will be lower. In India good luck of finding one crossfire bridge, you can tell your nearest store to give out only the bridge, if you are in luck they should be able to do so.
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  6. Thanks for the replies guys.I will make sure to have one in my next buy.
  7. your welcome :)
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