Are my CPU temps too high?

Just built my first system:

i7 2600K cpu
hyper 212 evo cpu cooler
asrock extreme3 gen3 mobo
16gb ram
sapphire radeon hd 7770 gpu
corsair 180gb ssd
seasonic 560w psu

When checking the H/W Monitor in BIOS, temps are:
cpu - 35*C idle -> 42*C minimal use for 10-20min
mobo - 29*C idle -> 35*C minimual use for 10-20min

When checking ASRock eXtreme Tuner (included utility w/ my mobo), temps are:
High 20s/Low 30s idle (*C) -> less than 35*C following benchmarks (PCMark7)

The case I am using is Fractal Design Define R3, a sound-dampening case. This contributes slightly to overall heat retention.
My concern is whether the cpu temps taken from these different measures are generally too high. A friend has built a system that typically runs in the low 30s *C.

I will continue running benchmarks and I will report back with the results for more gpu & cpu testing.
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  1. cpu temps when idle:

    cpu temps at max:
  2. I always like to double check so I use this free one also:
    the bios sensors may not be as reliable.
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    looks fine to me. 52C at 100% load is great! when I burn test systems any thing under 65C at a full load is what I look for on a stock cooler, the 212 should be better (which it is).
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