Why doesn't One Geforfce support 3 monitor

I really want to know the reason for Nvidia not making it possible to have 3 monitor run off one GPU. AMD done it. Some people don't want to SLI just to get triple monitor. GTX590 doesn't count since it is 2 chips on 1 card. I love Nvidia performance but it is hard when I have multiple display needing to get connected.

Let me know why Nvidia does this and if it will change in the GTX 6xx or GTX 7xx.
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  1. Most likely it is because they want you to buy more cards.

    AMD is so far ahead in so many categories, it is beginning to be a joke. I have used both since they were invented, and always just buy whatever is best for my needs at the time.

    If you want a more direct answer, you really need to be asking Nvidia. They make the cards.
  2. Well that's why AMD is better in this generation.

    If you tell us if kepler will support eyefinity or not, we don't know. You can ask nVidia :)
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    It's likely they will add support. It's not very simple to do it, there are hardware changes necessary fo that, but NVIDIA has enough resources and expertise. The problem is AMD was first to identify the users' wish for more outputs and beat NVIDIA to it, so now they have to worry about AMD's patents in addition to the technological challenge.
  4. Those guys at Nvidia are jerks to multimonitor people. I always feel like AMD gives you the best value but Nvidia has the most performance. AMD even has the new eyefinity software that allow multiple audio stream so you can watch 5 different show on 5 different monitor. It is a joke that Nvidia can't even get pass 2. 3 would be good enough but comon, AMD has 6 on the 7970.
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