6850 Crossfire not reading correctly?

Hey, So I recently got two 6850s (one MSI Twin, and one Asus) and I uninstalled all old previous drivers, put both in, installed latest drivers (12.1) yatta yatta yatta. Catalyst says that Crossfire is enabled, yet GPUZ is telling me on one of the cards pages, that it is disabled.. Unsure of the reasoning..

After noticing that, I noticed in MSI Afterburner, one card is taking my custom fan settings, while the other refuses to display any fan speed or even accept it over 20%.. Anyone run into this issue before me? Any help would be welcome.
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  1. You suppose to can control fan speed on catalyst, or just that your card does not support fan control. Make sure you download the latest MSI Afterburner.

    About GPU-Z, it's maybe bugging. To test if you have crossfire or not is, run a benchmark and compare it to other people result with the same configuration :). You should be able to get above P6500.
  2. When I run bf3, both cards GPU usage goes up, and I do have the latest version of MSI. I enabled CCC Overdrive and one card shoes 0% in usage, temp, ect where the other shows correctly. Any clues? Ive reinstalled drivers and restarted plenty now.
  3. seems strange, are you sure you put it correctly and you try older version? Have you try 3dmark11 yet?
  4. Your cards seem to have different settings too. Maybe they have different BIOS revisions, which would explain the different behaviour on MSI Afterburner.
  5. Sorry to bump this after so long, but I've made progress, but still having issues. Im ditching MSI afterburner, I've managed to set up hotkeys that take my fans between 40% to 100% so ill use them accordingly while gaming. I've taken each card out, ran fur-mark, looked at overdrive, and they both work great separably, yet, when I enable crossfire, one card shows as 0% 0% 0% 0 temp in CCC. Anyone know of this issue?
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