Graphics Conflict - Intel Onboard Vs. Radeon 6870

I've tried researching how to solve this issue online but I can't figure out how to solve it.

My computer is showing that I have two display drivers on my PC (brand new build, not a month old). I bought the Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard, and the Intel i5 2500k processor. I have a Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 installed as my primary graphics card, but the MOBO or processor chip came with onboard graphics (Intel HD Graphics Family). I have disabled the Intel driver, and it appears that my Radeon card runs the show, but I tried loading Photoshop up for the first time with the new build and I was given this error:

When I tried to change the GPU settings in the Performance menu in Photoshop, I was greeted with this error when I tried to change the GPU settings:

These aren't the only errors I've been getting. I tried to load Speccy on my new build and it froze whenever it tried to read the graphics card data and crashed. Games have been playing just fine (at max resolution and high/ultra settings, running iRacing at 60 FPS on the best and most trying settings with VSync on). My ATI drivers are updated. Tried updating the Intel onboard graphics but it told me that it was already updated.

I'm sure there have been hints about other glitches and such as well, but I don't remember them. I have a strong feeling that there's a driver conflict going on here. I've researched the whole issue with the Photoshop ordeal, and I've tried solutions, but none seem to work. I've also tried to follow the instructions here in regards to the "Clear the check mark labeled 'Exists in all hardware profiles.'" but I can't find the check mark for that in any of the properties menus of the driver. Is this a BIOS thing I need to set or disable for the onboard graphics?

Thanks a bunch for any assistance on this.
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  1. Do a clean uninstall of both drivers in safe mode, turn off your computer, make sure graphics is correct and you plug the monitor cable through your graphics card and go to the BIOS so graphics are set to 'PCI-E', boot through (you should be able to when there is no any problem), when you boot through only install the newest 6870 driver. Good Luck :)
  2. No such luck with anything, really. I booted in safe mode, went into Device Manager to uninstall the drives, and used the Catalyst driver to try and uninstall the software for it. So far I've gotten one blue screen, and have gone through 3-4 system restores so I can try the nonsense again because I believed I was doing this in the wrong order or method. The Catalyst driver is telling me it can't find the list of items to uninstall, now. My BIOS is where it should be in regards to where the graphics are set to read off of (PCI-E 16). Monitor is where it should be plugged in.

    Am I trying to uninstall the drivers the wrong way? I thought a clean uninstall meant to uninstall the software that went along with it too, but Windows isn't really liking to do anything the way it should right now in regards to this. I'm getting a stable running system with both drivers on, but like I said, some programs are having problems with it (like Photoshop).
  3. OK, please disregard the last message, apparently Murphy's Law took over. I did one more attempt at uninstalling and reinstalling and everything seems to be working fine now. I can't explain it, it's just one of those things. Maybe it's because I reported back here and said it wasn't working. Heh.

    Thanks for the help, refillable. :)
  4. Your welcome and have a good day :).
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