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One of my components are broke. The PC will not post. It usually makes a beep when it posts but it dosnt. I have taken out the ram and it makes beeps indicating that there is no ram so i know it still works. It does the same for the GPU. The CPU still gets hot when the system is running but i dont know weather it is still broke. can a mb post without a cpu? if it cant then the CPU is broke?

(sorry for bad english)
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  1. A mobo cannot post without a cpu. A mobo cannot post without RAM. It can post without a GPU... it's just you can't see anything...

    You can try using a single stick of RAM in each slot to see if the RAM is the problem.

    If i were guessig I'd say the GPU is not working.
    Try changing the GPU for another one. I keep an old PCI GPU around for this purpose.

    Sometimes a power supply will lose integrity and still supply some power to the mb but not enough to actually post...
    What PSU do you have?
  2. I dont know. the mb will not post without the gpu. It just makes beeping sounds. When all components are in there is no beep.
  3. Then the GPU is faulty, you can RMA it or return it or get it exchanged for a new.
  4. I don't know, you might of done something wrong or it came faulty or it hasn't got enough power- then you need a better PSU.
  5. I did change heatsink on cpu why it might cpu broke? I havnt handaled gpu.
  6. Did it work after you installed the heatsink?
  7. Then something happened when you installed the heatsink, remember on your other thread, same thing, something happened when you where installing it.

    Does your mobo have an IGP?
  8. Does that mean integrated graphics? I dont think it does. So its the gpu I need to send back?
  9. Yes, unless you want to pay for a new one....
  10. I tookmGPU out but its still not posting. makes beeping noise indicating theres no gpu.
  11. Well then, that shows your mobo is working and your GPU is dead somehow.
  12. what about the cpu?
  13. That should work, CPUs rarely die.
  14. I may as well send the two components back. Just to be sure.
  15. How should i pack the components not to domage them?
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