New build wont power on. faulty gpu?

I just put together my first pc today specs as follows:

asus maximus gen-3/gen3 LGA 1155 intel z68
intel core-i5 2500k sandy bridge 3.3gh
corsair tx750 psu
corsair vengeance 2X4gb 1600
evga geforce gtx550ti

I only include these four components because my research so far has led me to believe these are the would-be culprits. After installing everything and rechecking all the connections i plugged it in and powered on the psu. i pushed the power button and the power button lit up for a brief moment and faded away. tried it again and nothing. flicked the power on the psu off and on and still nothing from the power button. after reading some troubleshooting guides i took out everything except the cpu and cpu heatsink fan and the computer powered on with the normal error codes for missing components. seated everything one at a time and followed with successful test powerups, even was able to run the bios with everything seated except the gpu. once i insert the gpu (made sure it was seated correctly and had power supply) the power button does nothing. wondering if the 750 isnt powerful enough or im not connecting the power right. or maybe the gpu is faulty. any help would be greatly appreciated. and sorry about the punctuation!
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  1. Most likely bad PSU... Test it with paper clips...

    Note: It could also be your motherboard's capacity is bad, check if they have bumps on them(Inside might of explode or something, not explode but kind of more like inside pop)

    What you can do, To make sure it's not some parts, take them out, it'll power on without them(After you test PSU)... take GPU out and turn it on, if it's still not on, take out CPU...
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