Did you get your answer? Bug

I keep getting emails like

Hello ,
we noticed that your thread is not active anymore. Did you get the answer that you were seeking? We invite you to review the answers, and select the best one as your "Best Answer" (click on the gold cup above it).
Click here to review the answers to your question:

But I already selected the Best Answers days ago.

This is pretty annoying, I get around 5 - 6 emails per day like this.

I think the mailer script needs to be modified, so it actually CHECKS if best answer was selected prior to sending the email.
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  1. You have quite a few Question topics not yet closed out.
    I counted 7 in the CPU & Components and 7 in Motherboards sections alone.

    Beyond that - it's not unusual for the batch mode mailer to be a day or two behind 'real time' actions like choosing Best Answers.
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