Radeon HD 6670 1GB on 300 watt PSU

I have a Dell inspiron 620 MT with intel HD graphics 2000 which i want to replace it with RADEON HD 6670 .

my pc specs are:

dual core i3
4 GB ddr3 1333 mhz ram
500 mb HD
300 W PSU

do u think the video card will work with my pc? if not, probably i should get GT 430? cos intel 2000 is really bad... :hello:

Thanks you

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  1. yes, you're good to go that psu is ok for 6670.
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    your psu is ok for hd 6670 but it will be good to get an psu of atleast 550w or 600w and upgrade graphics card to hd 6870 which will give u lot more better performance then hd 6670 and your cpu is also good for gaming so go with higher gpu for performance higher is better and for price cheaper is better way to go.:)

    for gpu this.

    for psu.

    or if u cant afford that much and your resolution is of 720p so it will be good to get hd 6670 for medium settings gaming.:)
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