Help with 3d on w2363d

Hi everyone, I am having real difficulty with 3d due to LG and their terrible customer service.
I cannot find the information I need anywhere
I have the lgw2363d monitor, it is an active system.
I have an ati 6970 and iz3d drivers.
Am I able to use passive glasses with this kind of setup despite it being a active setup?
There are no glasses that I can seem to find for this particular monitor that work with ati cards.
Apparently according to LG the monitor has a built in RF receiver and it is compatible with
the lg ags250 glasses. There is no mention of my monitor in the support list.
I really dont want to change monitors and graphics card, but I know that I will have to do one
or the other if needs be.
Im really really hoping that I can use passive glasses.
Also, I have seen that there is the option for AMD 3D DLP and the image looks like a 3d image
you would see in the cinema, thats why I am assuming I could use passive glasses.
Should I just sell my ati card and get a nvidia card?
I really hope thats not my best option!
Thanks everyone
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