K53TA Crossfire not working!!?

Sorry if this post is already asked or this is wrong place to ask, im new here

So..I brought this Asus K53TA
but not getting performance as expected!
It has A6 3400M with HD 6720G2 graphic card. (APU)
AMD A6-3400M 1.4GHz(2.3GHz)
AMD HD 6720G2 1GB
Windows 7 64bit
So question about Cross fire is.. i enabled the crossfire but i think thats
not the best this machine can do.. so a guy asked me to install this "GPU-Z" software, which will give me details about GPU, which i did!
and when i select "AMD HD 6500M Series" it shows Crossfire enabled
and when i select "AMD HD 6600M Series" it shows Crossfire Disabled!

*Pics Attached*

I dont know if it is normal or not, but this thing is making me uncomfortable!
is this the way it suppose to be?

and one more question is..
what drivers do i install? on AMD site
they have graphic card driver for "A6 3400M" as well as "AMD HD 6xxM
i have both.. what to install?

Any help would be great!
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  1. crossfire works only with same models of gpu.
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