RMA 7970?

I played Saints Row 3 fine but I had a session 1h20min and once I get to the trojan wores episode once I get up to roof to kill snipers I get artifacts.

I had small OC 999/1375 so I put back to 925/1375 so stock and still same episode on roof sniper I get artifacts?!

Should I RMA or is it the game, seems like the artifacts comes only in Sniper roof moment.

Here you see agressive artifacs

http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii50/blundnec/th_Untitled-2.jpg" class="img lazy">

Here it is more conservative artifacts so sometimes it not show artifacts:

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  1. No, don't RMA quite yet, its very possibly driver issues. What Catalyst do you have?
  2. I have 11.12, The software tried to update to 12.1 but it never did, I think it is because the 12.1 is not for 79xx cards.
  3. Edit--> I googled and there now is 12.2 also made for 7900 cards.
    I also recently bought 2x 7950 haven't installed yet, I know stupid to mix different cards but I got them cheap.
  4. its the game
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