HIS Ice Q Radeon 6950 2GB please help!!

So i bought a Radeon HD 2GB 6950 yesterday and installed it. Everything was working great for about an hour when the computer just randomly shuts down and stops at Bios loading screen. I have to manually restart it at that point. It has happened several times. The card itself is not getting past 60 degrees at load and the CPU hasnt broke 50 degrees. I think it is a power issue. I have a Rosewill 850 W extreme RX850-S-B. I noticed when I removed the card to put my old one back in that the 2 6 pin connectors I had plugged in were labeled 12v1 and 12v2 obviously I have 2 more also labled 12v1 and 12v2. My guess is splitting 1 card on 2 rails was very bad and I shouldnt have done this?? what ones should I use to power the card? I am also running 4 2gb Ram and an AMD 1100T x6 Processor with 1 HD and about 4 fans. I appreciate any help
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  1. Yes, very correct, splitting rails very bad...Rosewill cases= decent
    Rosewill PSU= Not so decent. however a 650 watt Power Supply could have your card. So unless its the video freezing up. i would try dedicating 1 12v rail to your video card. wait let me ask, if there any power supply cables labeled PCIe on the tips on sides of the cable?
  2. Try this clear your cmos 1st..
    and then restart, if you still have the same problem..
    Run in save mode and uninstall your old graphic driver better if you run registry cleaner too, restart and intall the new one driver..
    But if it still have the same problem, then it must be your graphic or even you new adapter that have a problem issue..

    Better if you use two rails not one ^_^
    Or you can chest you manual graphic to see how much power that graphic power need and capare it with your PSU rate out put..

    Hope this will help you mate..
  3. Sory i forgot that you use unreliable PSU, i sugest u to use a more reliable PSU brands to have a real rate of power that your system need ^_^
    I often meet this problem if i use unreliable PSU for gaming system :'(
  4. yes the card requires 2 - 6 pin connectors and both the ones I plugged in were labled PCI-e express on the cable however on the other side of the label one said 12v1 and the other said 12v2. I didnt realize this until after I had the problems and went to uninstall the card. I think I goofed using one of each and should probably use both labeled 12v2. I also noticed in AMD vision engine that the power meter (battery icon) next to fan temp was only Halfway filled. Ive read other corsair forums that said plugging 2 pci-e wires from 2 different rails could cause a short and shutdown the computer. I was very ignorant I guess as its a new PSU and GPU to me. My last only needed 1 connector and had 1 connector lol.
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