Moth in my surge protector

I have these annoying tiny moths flying around my house. Today I was sitting at my computer and saw one a few feet away so i started swatting at it with my hand, i hit it making it fall and our of pure chance the damn thing lands beside the circular hole for the grounding socket on my power strip. Before i have time to react it crawls through the hole into the power strip itself. Now I have a f*#%ing moth living in my surge protector and can't get it out. Is it safe to continue using it or might the moth cause it to short out causing a fire or frying my rig?
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  1. I seen roaches short out outlets before so it is possible. nearly burnt my sisters house down.
  2. Moths aren't very heavy so even if they do short it out it'll just poof, no fire
  3. If it shorts it and it doesn't burn/vaporize, it should just blow the fuse/trip the circuit breaker.
  4. Put a sweeper hose normaly used for cleaning steps and corners and put it right on the socket.(make sure its not plugged in while doing this) Hopefully the moth will be sucked out.
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