Core Temps High w/ Intel Turbo Boost

Hi everyone, this is what I'm running:

i5-2500k @ 3.3Ghz w/ Turbo Boost Enabled
GTX 680 Reference Model
LGA 1155 Extreme3 Gen3 Mobo

Before I enabled turbo boost my temps were as follows:

Average Core Temps:
Idle: 30 C
Load (CS:S): 44 C
Max Load (Stress Test, 4 threads): 52 C

Seeing as these are pretty good temps, I went ahead and enabled Turbo Boost in my Bios. Now these are my temps:

Average Core Temps:
Idle: 30 C
Load (CS:S): 62 C
Max Load (Stress Test, 4 threads): 89 C

Now these are my core temps, not my CPU overall temp, which never goes over 55-60 C. Should I be paying attention to my core temps or my CPU temp more? And should I be worried that my core temps are super high when my CPU temp isn't really that high? And is this bad enough that I should disable turbo boost?

I'm beginning to think there may be an air bubble in my thermal paste.
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  1. Those temperatures seem FAR too high with turbo boost!
    But whilst gaming they appear well within limits, still a bit high.

    Are you using the stock cooler or aftermarket?
  2. This is my aftermarket fan+heatsink:

    Stock thermal paste.
  3. Is 'Advanced Turbo 50' the Intel Turbo Boost? When I have that enabled, my temps soar like that. I just disabled it and kept my XMP enabled and my temps are back to normal @ 52 C max load.
  4. No, that overclocks you to 5GHz and cranks the voltage way too high. You'll want to manually overclock or use the actual turbo setting.
  5. Wow that explains everything, thanks.
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