Help me pick out a GPU!

hello everyone!
im building a gaming pc, i picked out all my stuff except the GPU.

Here are my parts
AMD FX 6100 6 x 3.3ghz - 4.0 ghz
12 gb w 1600mhz ram
Asus m5a97 am3 + amd 9 mobo
675w psu

I want to either have
1) a decent single graphic card
2) crossfire graphic cards that would equal the single gpu in performance

My buget for the gpu is around $280 - $330

I looked online& forums but i cant seem to find a good graphic card for the cpu that i have

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  1. for that budget you can pick up two 7770's that are right behind 7950 on benchmarks

    cheapest 7950 $450
    2x 7770 $320
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    Well a good start if you want AMD would be a 6970 once the prices are down. Or a 7870 when they release them, if you need a GPU now then the 6970 will do what you want it to. I prefer NVIDIA my self but AMD Radeon is good to. Now also i just got an idea. Check out a Radeon 7770 get two of them and bam you have the performance of almost a 7950
  3. EVGA GeForce GTX 570 330$ and 310$ after rebates.
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  5. Buy the largest QUALITY PSU you can afford. It's the cheapest insurance policy you'll ever find for your rig.
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