Upgrading suggestion and price help :p

K so I'm planning to upgrade my PC by selling the current parts, adding a bit and getting better parts around May time.
Parts I'm going to sell:

Athlon x4 620 2.6Ghz
Biostar TA790GX A3+ mobo
ATI 5770 1GB
4 Gig of value Ram (cause i got 12 Gigs)
500 CM PSU (my old one, got a better 550w atm)

How much would you suggest i ask for all this since i can't think of any decent price.

With that money + around 250$ i will add in may what should i look at getting?. Primary usage of it will be for gaming at 1080p and note that i already have a case, ram, hdd, screens and peripherals.
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  1. $250-300 tops for your parts. You may want to stick with amd; Intel stuff may put you over budget with a newer video card.
  2. Unless the 2nd hand part trade is alot better in the US than here in the UK I think O1die may be a bit generous there.

    Agree with him totally though that staying AMD CPU would make sense if you want a better GPU. A phenom II quad (965BE) and a good cooler to OC it would weigh in around $150 and would work on that mobo then would leave you around around $200 or more for a better Graphics card.
  3. I personally would overclock the athlon as high as you can and use that extra $250 for a modern gpu like a 7850. Then save up cash for a new build all together. That way you will still have a strong gpu to transfer when you are ready.
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