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I will be embarking on my first build in a couple of weeks and have already started ordering some parts. I will be using a 212 evo for air cooling and wanted to know some things about internal vs. external build. I have watched the Newegg video where Paul does the external builds first. I know I will install the cpu and 212 evo externally - and possibly the ram as well. But then I wanted to just dive into internal - mount the motherboard and the rest of the components (So, no test run). I was wondering for a first time build if it is really recommended to do a test boot externally. I am leaning toward not wanting to do it because I see more potential for messing something up - but I do see the upside to it as well by having peace of mind and confidence in core components before screwing everything into place. Thoughts?
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    I would do it; just leave the power supply out of the case so the ps connectors will reach the board (whether it's on a breadboard or cardboard box). Be sure the toggle switch on the back of the ps is in the correct position when you touch the case connector pins with a screwdriver.
  2. Right-o. Just afraid of putting tension on the board and touching more of the board than I would with an internal build. Thanks for the advice.
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